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Huzzah! I'm back online. 

portrait of a jubilant, bearded Jason Mauer in his natural habitat, embracing a purple Telecaster with rosewood neckWelcome to my resurrected website. This corner of the web has been devoid of content for the past decade or so, which just happens to coincide with my time as a full-time single parent. 🤔 Besides being busy with real-world stuff, self-promotion just hasn't been very high on my priority list.

But now that my spawn will officially be an adult next month 😲, I figured it was time to dust this off and start posting again. This time around I intend to focus this space more on my creative endeavors and get more of my own music out there. I'm sure I'll be posting other random crap as well, so stay tuned!

Speaking of random crap, I've been getting back into social media now that Mastodon is taking off. You can find me at